Further characterization of the biology of Hammondia heydorni.

  title={Further characterization of the biology of Hammondia heydorni.},
  author={Byron L. Blagburn and David S. Lindsay and L. J. Swango and G L Pidgeon and Kyle G. Braund},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={27 3-4},
Hammondia heydorni oocysts, recovered from the diarrheic feces of a dog suffering from corticosteroid toxicosis, were sporulated and characterized morphometrically. Sporulated H. heydorni oocysts were administered to three dogs, five goats, a calf and three guinea pigs, and tissues from these inoculated animals fed to coccidia-free dogs to determine species susceptibility to H. heydorni. Morphometric characteristics of H. heydorni oocysts were similar to previous descriptions. Oocysts were not… CONTINUE READING