Further Modification to Soft Drinks to Minimise Erosion

  title={Further Modification to Soft Drinks to Minimise Erosion},
  author={Joseph L. A. Hughes and Klaus D Jandt and Nicki A. Baker and David M. Parker and Robert G. Newcombe and Michael Eisenburger and Martin Addy},
  journal={Caries research},
  volume={36 1},
Soft drinks have been successfully modified to reduce enamel erosion. The aim of this study was to further modify an original low erosive blackcurrant drink product by the addition of a gum, to manipulate more favourably other drink parameters. The study was a single-blind, randomised four treatment crossover design involving 12 healthy volunteers. During 10 working-day study periods, subjects wore enamel samples in the mid palatal region of a removable appliance. Specimens were taped to expose… CONTINUE READING


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