Further Experiments on the Action of Emetine in Cultures of Entamoeba histolytica

  title={Further Experiments on the Action of Emetine in Cultures of Entamoeba histolytica},
  author={Patrick Playfair Laidlaw and Clifford Dobell and Ann Bishop},
  pages={207 - 220}
In 1926 two of us published the results of a long series of experiments on the toxic action of the alkaloids of ipecacuanha in cultures of several species of entozoic amoebae. These experiments led us to definite conclusions regarding the differential susceptibility of the various species of amoebae studied, and the relative potency of several alkaloids employed. They also showed clearly that the full specific action of emetine, on susceptible amoebae, is only disclosed if the alkaloid is… 

Experiments on the Action of Emetine in Cultures of Entamoeba Coli.

It is concluded that emetine is about 16 times as toxic in vitro to E. histolytica as it is toE.

Amoebicidal action and chemical constitution

A number of compounds have been found with an in vitro activity on Entamoeba histolytica slightly inferior to that of emetine.

Chemotherapy of Amœbicides

A number of alkaloids very closely related to emetine in chemical structure were made at an earlier period, but they were found to be of little or no value in the treatment of amoebic dysentery.

The action of amoebicidal drugs on Entamoeba invadens Rodhain, 1934 in vitro

The sensitivity of di- and monobacterial strains of E. invadens to emetine was determined, and of a dibacterial strain to the quinaldines A 352, A 356 and A 404, and a strain which was maintained for 9 months in the presence of increasing concentrations ofEmetine did not become resistant to the drug.


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The present status of knowledge, as gleaned from in vitro studies, would seem desirable to review briefly some of the testing procedures in use, and to comment on the results obtained, which would raise the question, as to what extent can variables in technique be demonstrated to influence the results in a testing program.

Researches on the Intestinal Protozoa of Monkeys and Man

While it seems probable on general grounds that both the Enteromonas and the Embadommas of men and macaques are specifically identical, it is still premature—with only negative evidence for their transmissibility from host to host—to assert this conclusion as a fact.



The Action of Ipecacuanha Alkaloids on Entamoeba histolytica and some other Entozoic Amoebae in Culture

It is now recognized, by all competent observers, that emetine is a specific therapeutic agent for the treatment of amoebic dysentery; but although it is known that a thorough course of emetine, in

On the Cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica and some other Entozoic Amoebae

Methods by which cultures of entozoic amoebae can be initiated from encysted forms have been discovered and are described, and some indications are given for the isolation of pure strains from mixed cultures.

Recherches expérimentales sur quelques produits employés dans le traitement de la dysenterie amibienne

Avant de partir en mission pour l’Amérique du Sud, le prof. Brumpt nous avait demandé de comparer l’action de l’émétine sur l’Entamæba dysenteriæ et YEntamæba dispar en culture. Personne n’ayant


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An erroneous idea of the absolute toxicity of emetine for E. histolytica is obtained from a consideration of the results of tests with such media (e.g. the egg-serum medium of Boeck and Drbohlav)

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