Further Experiments on Fission of Separated Uranium Isotopes

  title={Further Experiments on Fission of Separated Uranium Isotopes},
  author={Alfred O. C. Nier and E. T. Booth and John R. Dunning and Aristid v. Grosse},
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Why Hitler Did Not Have Atomic Bombs
In the 75 years since the end of World War II there is still no agreement on the answer to the question of why the presumed race between the USA and Nazi-Germany to build the atomic bomb did not take
The Discovery and Interpretation of Nuclear Fission
  • B. Reed
  • Physics
    The History and Science of the Manhattan Project
  • 2019
If the story of the four-year progression from Enrico Fermi’s discovery of neutron-induced radioactivity to the discovery of fission were cast as a suspense novel, it would probably be considered too
Studies of Prompt Gamma and Neutron Yield Due to 2.5 MeV Neutrons Using GEANT4
In the present work the software GEANT4, a particle transport toolkit based on the Monte Carlo method, developed mostly by CERN, but also by other institutions and universities. GEANT4 is here used
Otto Hahn: Responsibility and Repression
Abstract.The role that Otto Hahn (1879–1968) played in the discovery of nuclear fission and whether Lise Meitner (1878–1968) should have shared the Nobel Prize for that discovery have been subjects
Alfred Nier and the sector field mass spectrometer.
The role that Alfred Otto Carl Nier played in bringing mass spectrometry into the mainstream of science is highlighted, particularly the development of the sector fieldmass spectrometer, which is still the instrument of choice for many isotope scientists some 66 years after its first appearance in 1940.
Industrial Research Transformed: Edward Condon at the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, 1935-1942
The 1930s marked a significant transformation in the content and direction of industrial research at the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. Westinghouse was widely respected for its
Lise Meitner und der Nobelpreis
Vor 60 Jahren entdeckten Otto Hahn, Fritz Straßmann und Lise Meitner die Kernspaltung. Jetzt veröffentlichte Dokumente der Schwedischen Akademie der Wissenschaften lassen erkennen, warum Lise Meitner
A Nobel Tale of Postwar Injustice
In November 1945, three months after the end of World War II, a narrow majority of the members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the 1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Otto Hahn
Evaluation and compilation of fission product yields 1993
This document is the latest in a series of compilations of fission yield data. Fission yield measurements reported in the open literature and calculated charge distributions have been used to produce