Further Daltonian Doubts

  title={Further Daltonian Doubts},
  author={Robert Siegfried},
  pages={480 - 481}
In his recent paper, "Some Daltonian Doubts," 1 Henry Guerlac has reopened the question of the possible influences on the origins of Dalton's atomic theory. In particular he argues effectively to show that Richter's equivalent tables could have been known to Dalton early enough to have been significant. May I add new fuel to the flames Guerlac has fanned from the embers of this unsettled problem by suggesting that a part of Dalton's inspiration might have come from a source previously… 
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James Smithson on the Calamines: Chemical Combination in Crystals
A close exegesis of Smithson’s argument is proposed, which has not previously been studied in any detail, and illustrates some of the ways that crystallog-raphy influenced chemistry in this period.
John Dalton and the London atomists: William and Bryan Higgins, William Austin, and new Daltonian doubts about the origin of the atomic theory
  • Mark I. Grossman
  • History
    Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science
  • 2014
Most historians have ruled out the possibility that John Dalton was influenced by the theories of atomists William and Bryan Higgins, as well as William Austin, in developing his first table of
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