Furosemide. A clinical evaluation of its diuretic action.

  title={Furosemide. A clinical evaluation of its diuretic action.},
  author={William B. Stason and Paul J. Cannon and H O Heinemann and John H. Laragh},
  volume={34 5},
FUROSEMIDE (4 chloro-N[2-furyl methyl] -5-sulfamyl-anthranilic acid) (fig. 1) is a new and potent diuretic compound which is effective when given either orally or parenterally. Structurally it has in common with substituted thiazides a sulfamyl-benzene grouping. Animal studies have revealed it to be a most effective diuretic in both rats and dogs, resulting in maximum diuretic effects of up to two thirds of the glomerular filtration rate.1' 2 Clearance data,3 4 micropuncture studies,5 6 and… CONTINUE READING