Furnishing the Modern Metropolitan: Moriya Nobuo's Designs for Domestic Interiors, 19221927

  title={Furnishing the Modern Metropolitan: Moriya Nobuo's Designs for Domestic Interiors, 19221927},
  author={Sarah Teasley},
  journal={Design Issues},
  • S. Teasley
  • Published 1 October 2003
  • Art
  • Design Issues
Introduction Once Japan began intensive diplomatic and trade relations with Euro-American powers after the Meiji Restoration of 1868, engaging with modernity meant reordering all spaces, objects, and practices in a dualistic schema of either imported “Western” or vernacular “Japanese” ones, in which the imported most often was associated with modernity, and the vernacular with tradition and the past. While both terms were, in practice, hybrids influenced by and bleeding each other, and “Chinese… 

Travel-writing the design industry in modern Japan, 1905-25

Since 2000, historians have recognised the important role of transnational travel and information flow in the formation of particular designers’ practices (e.g. Christopher Dresser, Le Corbusier,

Augustus in the Making. A Reappraisal of the Ideology behind Octavian's Palatine Residence through its Interior Decoration and Topographical Context

Cet article examine les choix architecturaux et decoratifs d’Octavien pour sa demeure privee sur le Palatin, avant qu’il n’accepte le nom d’Auguste en 28/27 av. J.-C. Les amenagements qui y furent

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