Fura-2 fluorescence is localized to mitochondria in endothelial cells.


The new, highly fluorescent, calcium-sensitive dye, fura-2, can be loaded nondisruptively into intact cells by means of its permeant ester and used to measure the free calcium ion concentration in individual cells. For fura-2 to signal cytosolic calcium, it must be distributed homogeneously and exclusively throughout the cytoplasmic space. However, microscopic examination of bovine aortic endothelial cells loaded with fura-2 by exposure to its permeant ester reveals fluorescence associated with discrete intracellular structures rather than the homogeneous distribution expected for a cytosolic stain. Simultaneous labeling of bovine aortic endothelial cells with fura-2 and rhodamine 123 (a mitochondrial fluorescent vital stain) identifies these structures as mitochondria. Subcellular dye localizations are not observed when the cells are loaded with other putative cytosolic stains that gain access to the cytosol by means of a membrane permeant ester. Both carboxyfluorescein and indo-1 (another member of the family of second generation calcium indicators) stain the cytoplasm diffusely. It is suggested that fura-2 fluorescence accumulates in certain cells in association with mitochondria. It is important to assess the intracellular distribution of fura-2 when this indicator is used to measure the free cytosolic calcium ion concentration.


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