Funktionen- und Relationenalgebren

  title={Funktionen- und Relationenalgebren},
  author={Reinhard P{\"o}schel and Lev A. Kalu{\vz}nin},

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The Complexity of Constraint Languages

Functions of multiple-valued logic and the complexity of constraint satisfaction: A short survey

This short survey discusses an approach that is related to the algebraic component of multiple-valued logic and that has proved to be very successful in studying the complexity of constraint satisfaction.

Varieties and Clones of Relational Structures

We present an axiomatization of relational varieties, i.e., classes of relational structures closed under formation of products and retracts, by a certain class of first-order sentences. We apply

Invariance groups of functions and related Galois connections

Invariance groups of sets of Boolean functions can be characterized as Galois closures of a suitable Galois connection. We consider such groups in a much more general context using group actions of

A polynomial-time algorithm for median-closed semilinear constraints

This work proposes a polynomial-time algorithm for the CSP of semilinear constraints that are preserved by applying medians and proves that this class is maximally tractable in the sense that any larger class of semILinear relations has an NP-hard CSP.

The Complexity of Phylogeny Constraint Satisfaction Problems

The proof of the main result combines results and techniques from various research areas: a recent classification of the model-complete cores of the reducts of the homogeneous binary branching C-relation, Leeb's Ramsey theorem for rooted trees, and universal algebra.

Basics of Galois Connections

  • F. Börner
  • Mathematics
    Complexity of Constraints
  • 2008
Basic properties of Galois connections between sets of relations and sets of functions or generalized functions are given and some tools for the representation of several closure operators on relations as closure operators of some Galois connection are provided.

The complexity of constraint satisfaction : an algebraic approach.

An algebraic approach has proved to be very successful in studying the complexity of constraint problems and can be represented as constraint satisfaction and optimization problems.