Funktionelle und morphologische Störungen des mukoziliären Systems bei der sekretorischen Otitis media

  title={Funktionelle und morphologische St{\"o}rungen des mukozili{\"a}ren Systems bei der sekretorischen Otitis media},
  author={G. Borkowski and Alison Gurr and T. Stark and Stathis Philippou and Holger Sudhoff},
Background: One of the main functions of the ciliated cells of the middle ear mucosa is the continuous drainage of fluids from the middle ear cavity to the Eustachian tube. Impaired mucociliary clearance is related to disturbed clearance of middle ear secretions and results in otitis media with effusion. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ciliary beat frequency (CBF) and the ultrastructure of cilia in young patients suffering from otitis media with effusion (OME). Methods: CBF and… CONTINUE READING