Funktionell-anatomische Untersuchungen am Vogelflügel

  title={Funktionell-anatomische Untersuchungen am Vogelfl{\"u}gel},
  author={Maxheinz Sy},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r Ornithologie},
  • M. Sy
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • Journal für Ornithologie
Retention of the flight-adapted avian finger-joint complex in the Ostrich helps identify when wings began evolving in dinosaurs
This detailed functional analysis provides non-embryological support for the hypothesis that maniraptoran theropods shared digital homologies with birds, and supports recent pronation studies indicating that pennaraptoranTheropods had evolved avian distal wing joints stiffened for aerial locomotion. Expand
The furcula and the evolution of avian flight
  • W. Bock
  • Biology
  • Paleontological Journal
  • 2013
The combination of features in the pectoral system of Archaeopteryx indicates strongly that this bird was a specialized glider, not an active flapping flier. Expand
The coracoscapular joint of neornithine birds—extensive homoplasy in a widely neglected articular surface of the avian pectoral girdle and its possible functional correlates
In taxa with a large crop, a flat facies articularis scapularis is likely to be associated with a reorganization of the pectoral musculature, whereas in procellariiform birds, the transition from a cotyla to a faciesArticularis appears to have been correlated with the capacity for sustained soaring without wing flapping. Expand
Radiographic Evaluation of Keel Bone Damage in Laying Hens—Morphologic and Temporal Observations in a Longitudinal Study
The described radiographic protocol for keel bone lesions was suitable for longitudinal, on-site examinations in conscious laying hens and indicates that kee bone fractures are more frequent than reported in earlier studies. Expand
A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of the Muscle Architecture of the Forelimb Myology of Diurnal Birds of Prey (Order Accipitriformes and Falconiformes)
Numerical information of muscle architecture of the avian wing that helps to understand muscle function and its implication in flight, and can be used in future studies of flight mechanics, is provided. Expand
Pectoral girdle morphology of Mesozoic birds and the evolution of the avian supracoracoideus muscle
  • G. Mayr
  • Biology
  • Journal of Ornithology
  • 2017
The evolution of the avian flight musculature is poorly understood and most studies focused on Archaeopteryx, but here the morphology of the pectoral girdle of Mesozoic birds is interpreted in relation to the development of the supracoracoideus muscle, which elevates the wing in the upstroke. Expand
Flight feather attachment in rock pigeons (Columba livia): covert feathers and smooth muscle coordinate a morphing wing
The structures described here provide an anatomical touchstone for in vivo experimental tests of wing surface coordination in an extensively researched avian model species. Expand
Aerodynamics, kinematics, and ecology of slow flight in birds
Clap and peel in the dove enhances the time course for circulation production on the wings, and provides new evidence of convergent evolution on time-varying aerodynamic mechanisms during flapping in insects and birds. Expand
Qualitative skeletal correlates of wing shape in extant birds (Aves: Neoaves)
A comparative approach is used to investigate the relationship between skeletal proxies of flight feather attachment and wing shape in basal ornithurine birds, finding that quill knobs are cited as skeletal correlates of flight performance in birds, but their relationship to wing shape is inconsistent among extant taxa. Expand


Der Flug der Insekten und der Vögel
Der Vogel als automatisch sich steuerndes Flugzeug
kein Geschiebe gefunden, das zweifelsfrei zum Valanginien zu stetlen ist, dagegen ist die Zahl der Hauteriviengeschiebe verhgltnismggig g-roB, die bet Ahrensburg im sfidtichen Holstein, bet K i d undExpand
Vogel und Flugzeug
Das Fl~chengesetz ist ein wesentlicher Vorteil dieses zweiten Beweises der Erddrehung; denn sonst w~re die seittiche Geschwindigkeit, die dem Pendelk6rper von dem mehrmals erw~thnten Haken mitgeteilt wird, gar nicht bemerkbar. Expand
Die vorderextremitat von opisthocomus cristatus (vieillot)
  • W. Banzhaf
  • Biology
  • Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Ökologie der Tiere
  • 2004
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Key to North American birds
Inevitably, reading is one of the requirements to be undergone. To improve the performance and quality, someone needs to have something new every day. It will suggest you to have more inspirations,Expand