Fungicidal effect of tyrothricin on Candida albicans.

  title={Fungicidal effect of tyrothricin on Candida albicans.},
  author={Marianne Kretschmar and Thomas Nichterlein and C. T. Nebe and Herbert Hof and Klaus Burger},
  volume={39 1-2},
Tyrothricin, a polypeptide antibiotic, is active against yeast cells. Tyrothricin was rapidly fungicidal towards Candida albicans. Concentration of four times the minimum inhibitory (25 mg l-1) reduced the yeast numbers by more than 3 log10 within 1 h. Similar results were obtained in a flow cytometric antifungal activity assay using the new two-colour probe for yeast viability, FUN-1, which measures impairment of metabolic activity. The respiratory activity of Candida albicans, measured in a… CONTINUE READING