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Fungicidal Treatment of Gladiolus Corms After Harvest and Before Planting

  title={Fungicidal Treatment of Gladiolus Corms After Harvest and Before Planting},
  author={R. O. Magie},
  • R. O. Magie
  • Published 1967
  • Biology
  • The most promising corm fungicides, Dowi cide B, Morsodren, and Phaltan, that may be safely used after harvest in Fusarium disease control were compared as post-harvest and preplant dip treatments on 1400 jumbo-size corms each of a Fusarium-susceptible variety, 'Harry Hopkins', and of a more resistant variety, 'Friendship'. The post-harvest treatments pro duced significantly more flowers and corms than the pre-plant dips. Dowicide B used after har vest at 2.5 lb per 100 gal produced smaller… CONTINUE READING

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