Fungal flora in congenital dacryocystitis.

  title={Fungal flora in congenital dacryocystitis.},
  author={Supriyo Ghose and V. M. Mahajan},
  journal={Indian journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={38 4},
In this study, 86 eyes in 66 cases (20 bilateral) of congenital dacryocystitis were analysed for fungal growth. Fungi alone were isolated in 12 eyes (13.95%) and in 14 eyes (16.28%) together with bacteria--a total of 26 positive for fungus in 86 eyes (30.23%). These 26 eyes yielded on fungal culture a total of 28 isolates (in 2 eyes, another fungus was isolated on repeat culture). 11 types of fungi were cultured--C. albicans and A. niger accounted for 5 each out of 28. To the best of our… CONTINUE READING