Fungal diversity notes 1151–1276: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa

  title={Fungal diversity notes 1151–1276: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa},
  author={Kevin David Hyde and Yang Dong and Rungtiwa Phookamsak and Rajesh Jeewon and D. Jayarama Bhat and Evan B. Gareth Jones and NING-GUO Liu and Pranami D. Abeywickrama and Ausana Mapook and De-Ping Wei and Rekhani Hansika Perera and Ishara S. Manawasinghe and Dhandevi Pem and Digvijayini Bundhun and Anuruddha Karunarathna and Anusha H. Ekanayaka and Dan-Feng Bao and Junfu Li and Milan C. Samarakoon and Napalai Chaiwan and Chuan-Gen Lin and Kunthida Phutthacharoen and Sheng-Nan Zhang and Indunil C. Senanayake and Ishani D. Goonasekara and Kasun M. Thambugala and Chayanard Phukhamsakda and Danushka S. Tennakoon and HONG-BO Jiang and Jing Yang and Ming Zeng and Naruemon Huanraluek and Jian-Kui Liu and Subodini N. Wijesinghe and Qing Tian and Saowaluck Tibpromma and Rashika S. Brahmanage and Saranyaphat Boonmee and Shi-Ke Huang and Vinodhini Thiyagaraja and Yongzhong Lu and Ruvishika Shehali Jayawardena and Wei Dong and Erfu Yang and Sanjay Kumar Singh and Shiv Mohan Singh and Shiwali Rana and Sneha Lad and Garima Anand and Bandarupalli Devadatha and Mekala Niranjan and Vemuri Venkateswara Sarma and Kare Liimatainen and Bego{\~n}a Aguirre-Hudson and Tuula Niskanen and Andrew DJ. Overall and Renato L{\'u}cio Mendes Alvarenga and Tatiana Baptista Gibertoni and Walter P. Pfliegler and Enikő Horv{\'a}th and Alexandra Imre and Amanda Lucia Alves and Ana Carla da Silva Santos and Patricia Vieira Tiago and Timur S. Bulgakov and Dhanushaka N. Wanasinghe and Ali H. Bahkali and Mingkwan Doilom and Abdallah M. Elgorban and Sajeewa S. N. Maharachchikumbura and Kunhiraman C. Rajeshkumar and Danny Haelewaters and Peter E. Mortimer and Qi Zhao and Saisamorn Lumyong and Jian-chu Xu and Jun Sheng},
  journal={Fungal Diversity},
Fungal diversity notes is one of the important journal series of fungal taxonomy that provide detailed descriptions and illustrations of new fungal taxa, as well as providing new information of fungal taxa worldwide. This article is the 11th contribution to the fungal diversity notes series, in which 126 taxa distributed in two phyla, six classes, 24 orders and 55 families are described and illustrated. Taxa in this study were mainly collected from Italy by Erio Camporesi and also collected… 

Fungal diversity notes 1387–1511: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa

Three new genera, Cylindrotorula (Torulaceae), Scolecoleotia (Leotiales genus incertae sedis) and Xenovaginatispora (Lindomycetaceae) are introduced based on distinct phylogenetic lineages and unique morphologies, demonstrating worldwide and geographic distribution.

Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Novel and Extant Taxa in Pleosporales Associated with Mangifera indica from Yunnan, China (Series I)

A new genus, Mangifericomes; four new species; and six new host and country records are introduced in pleosporales during investigations of saprobic fungi associated with mango in Baoshan and Honghe, Yunnan, China.

Taxonomic novelties of saprobic Pleosporales from selected dicotyledons and grasses

14 new species are described here include 14 new species, a new geographical record and three new host records of known species from dicotyledons and grasses in China, Italy, Russia and Thailand.

Six Newly Recorded Fungal Taxa from Freshwater Niche in Korea

These are the first records of the rare Lectera, Mycoarthris, and Tetracladium genera in Korea, and the first reports of A. guillematii, C. novi-eboraci, L. nordwiniana, M. corallina, T. siamensis, and Te.

The Hidden Diversity of Diatrypaceous Fungi in China

In this study, we investigated the diversity of diatrypaceous fungi from six regions in China based on morpho-molecular analyses of combined ITS and tub2 gene regions. We accept 23 genera in

Microfungi associated with Clematis (Ranunculaceae) with an integrated approach to delimiting species boundaries

The study revealed two new families, 12 new genera, 50 new species, 26 new host records with one dimorphic character report, and ten species are transferred to other genera on Clematis.

New Dothideomycetes from Freshwater Habitats in Spain

Six strains of plant debris collected from various freshwater locations in Spain were identified as new species to science and significantly increases the number of the coelomycetous fungi that have been described from freshwater habitats.

Taxonomy and phylogeny of the novel rhytidhysteron-like collections in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Abstract During our survey into the diversity of woody litter fungi across the Greater Mekong Subregion, three rhytidhysteron-like taxa were collected from dead woody twigs in China and Thailand.

Morpho-Phylogenetic Evidence Reveals Novel Pleosporalean Taxa from Sichuan Province, China

The morphological comparison and molecular phylogeny evidence justify the establishment of six new taxa of asexual and sexual morphs in Pleosporales, namely Bambusicola guttulata sp.

Five Novel Taxa from Freshwater Habitats and New Taxonomic Insights of Pleurotheciales and Savoryellomycetidae

This morpho-phylo taxonomic study supports the establishment of five novel taxa including two novel genera and three novel species, Coleodictyospora muriformis, Obliquifusoideum guttulatum and Saprodesmium dematiosporum, and indicates that Pleurotheciales species are mostly found in freshwater habitats.



Fungal diversity notes 491–602: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa

This is a continuity of a series of taxonomic and phylogenetic papers on the fungi where materials were collected from many countries, examined and described and DNA sequence data is analysed from concatenated datasets to infer phylogenetic relationships and substantiate systematic positions of taxa within appropriate ranks.

Fungal diversity notes 367–490: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa

Eight new genera, 101 new species, two new combinations, one neotype, four reference specimens, new host or distribution records for eight species and one alternative morphs are introduced in this paper.

Fungal diversity notes 929–1035: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungi

The present study describes 12 new genera, 74 new species, three new combinations, two reference specimens, a re-circumscription of the epitype, and 15 records of sexual-asexual morph connections, new hosts and new geographical distributions.

Fungal diversity notes 709–839: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa with an emphasis on fungi on Rosaceae

Novel fungal taxa are described in the present study, including 17 new genera, 93 new species, four combinations, a sexual record for a species and new host records for 16 species.

Fungal diversity notes 1036–1150: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa

The present study describes one new family (Pseudoberkleasmiaceae in Dothideomycetes), five new genera (Caatingomyces, Cryptoschizotrema, Neoacladium, Paramassaria and Trochilispora), 71 new species and twelve new combinations.

Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of Diatrypaceae (Ascomycota, Xylariales) species from the Brazilian semi-arid region, including four new species

This study investigated the diversity of diatrypaceous fungi from three areas in the Brazilian semi-arid region and performed phylogenetic analyses of the Diatrypaceae based on the entire internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and partial ß-tubulin gene.

Fungal systematics and evolution: FUSE 1

Fungal Systematics and Evolution (FUSE) is introduced as a new series to expedite the publication of issues relating to the epitypification of formerly described species, report new sexual-asexual

Fungal diversity notes 1–110: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal species

This paper is a compilation of notes on 110 fungal taxa, including one new family, 10 new genera, and 76 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new family,

Morphology and multigene phylogeny reveal new genus and species of Torulaceae from freshwater habitats in northwestern Yunnan, China

21 fresh collections of Torulaceae from submerged wood in freshwater are characterized based on morphological characters and phylogenetic analyses of combined ITS, LSU, RPB2 and TEF1α sequence data, and multigene phylogeny supports the family Torul Families as a strongly supported monophyletic lineage with clear intergeneric boundaries basal to Roussoellaceae.

Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 2

The present study introduces two new genera, 14 new species, five new combinations and 12 interesting host and/or geographical records. A majority of the fungi are Ascomycetes, but the study also