Fungal diversity notes 111–252—taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa

  title={Fungal diversity notes 111–252—taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa},
  author={Hiran A. Ariyawansa and Kevin David Hyde and Subashini C. Jayasiri and Bart Buyck and K. W. Thilini Chethana and Dong-qin Dai and Yu-Cheng Dai and Dinushani A. Daranagama and Ruvishika Shehali Jayawardena and Robert L{\"u}cking and Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad and Tuula Niskanen and Kasun M. Thambugala and Kerstin Voigt and Rui-Lin Zhao and Guo-Jie Li and Mingkwan Doilom and Saranyaphat Boonmee and ZHU-LIANG Yang and Qing Cai and Yang-Yang Cui and Ali H. Bahkali and Jie Chen and Bao-Kai Cui and Jia Jia Chen and Monika C. Dayarathne and Asha J. Dissanayake and Anusha Hasini Ekanayaka and Akira Hashimoto and Sinang Hongsanan and Evan B. Gareth Jones and Ellen Larsson and Wen Jing Li and Qirui Li and Jian Kui Liu and Zong-Long Luo and Sajeewa S. N. Maharachchikumbura and Ausana Mapook and Eric H. C. McKenzie and Chada Norphanphoun and Sirinapa Konta and Ka-Lai Pang and Rekhani Hansika Perera and Rungtiwa Phookamsak and Chayanard Phukhamsakda and Umpava Pinruan and {\'E}mile Randrianjohany and Chonticha Singtripop and Kazuaki Tanaka and Cheng Ming Tian and Saowaluck Tibpromma and Mohamed A. Abdel-Wahab and Dhanushka Nadeeshan Wanasinghe and Nalin N. Wijayawardene and Jin-Feng Zhang and Huang Zhang and Faten Awad Abdel-Aziz and Mats Wedin and Martin Westberg and Joseph F. Ammirati and Timur S. Bulgakov and Diogo Xavier Lima and Tony Martin Callaghan and Philippe Callac and Cheng-hao Chang and Luis Fernando Coca and Manuela Dal-Forno and Veronika Dollhofer and Kateřina Ol{\vs}a Fliegerov{\'a} and Katrin Greiner and Gareth W. Griffith and Hsiao-Man Ho and Val{\'e}rie Hofstetter and Rajesh Jeewon and Ji-Chuan Kang and Ting-Chi Wen and Paul M. Kirk and Ilkka Kyt{\"o}vuori and James D. Lawrey and Jia-Hui Xing and Hong Li and Zou-Yi Liu and Xingzhong Liu and Kare Liimatainen and H. Thorsten Lumbsch and Misato Matsumura and Bibiana Moncada and Salilaporn Nuankaew and Sittiporn Parnmen and Andr{\'e} Luiz Cabral Monteiro de Azevedo Santiago and Sujinda Sommai and Yu-Bao Song and Carlos Alberto Fragoso Souza and Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta and Hong-Yan Su and Satinee Suetrong and Yong Wang and Syuan-Fong Wei and Ting-Chi Wen and Hai-Sheng Yuan and Li Wei Zhou and Martina R{\'e}blov{\'a} and Jacques Fournier and Erio Camporesi and Jennifer Luangsa-ard and Kanoksri Tasanathai and Artit Khonsanit and Donnaya Thanakitpipattana and Sayanh Somrithipol and Paul Diederich and Ana Mar{\'i}a Millanes and Ralph S. Common and Marc Stadler and Ji Ye Yan and XingHong Li and Hye Won Lee and Thi Thuong Thuong Nguyen and Hyang Burm Lee and Eliseo Battistin and Orlando Marsico and Alfredo Vizzini and Jordi Vila and Enrico Ercole and Ursula Eberhardt and Giampaolo Simonini and Hua-An Wen and Xin-Hua Chen and Otto Miettinen and Viacheslav A. Spirin and Hernawati},
  journal={Fungal Diversity},
This paper is a compilation of notes on 142 fungal taxa, including five new families, 20 new genera, and 100 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new families, Ascocylindricaceae, Caryosporaceae and Wicklowiaceae (Ascomycota) are introduced based on their distinct lineages and unique morphology. The new Dothideomycete genera Pseudomassariosphaeria (Amniculicolaceae), Heracleicola, Neodidymella and Pseudomicrosphaeriopsis (Didymellaceae), Pseudopithomyces… 

Taxonomic circumscription and phylogenetics of novel didymellaceous taxa with brown muriform spores

Taxonomic investigations on the diversity of didymellaceous taxa have isolated species from Alhagi pseudalhagi, Coronilla emerus, Cytisus sp.

Novel fungal species of Phaeosphaeriaceae with an asexual/sexual morph connection

Phylogeny supports Yunnanensis as a novel genus basal to Neosetophoma, which is morphologically distinct from other genera in Phaeosphaeriaceae in having ascomata with evenly thickened walls comprising with textura angularis and texturaangularis to textura prismatica inner layers.

Morpho-Molecular Characterization of Five Novel Taxa in Parabambusicolaceae (Massarineae, Pleosporales) from Yunnan, China

A biphasic approach based on morphological characteristics and multigene phylogeny demonstrated five new taxa in Parabambusicolaceae, including the newly introduced species, Parabamusicola hongheensis, which has a close relationship with P. bambusina.

Crassiperidium (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes), a new ascomycetous genus parasitic on Fagus crenata in Japan

Phylogenetic analyses of Crassiperidium species based on the sequences of ITS, TEF1, RPB2, and a combined dataset of these three loci support the validity of these two species.

Phylogenetic revision of Camarosporium (Pleosporineae, Dothideomycetes) and allied genera

Brevicollum, a new genus in Neohendersoniaceae, Pleosporales

A new genus, Brevicollum, is established for two new species, B. hyalosporum on Syzygium samarangense and B. versicolor on Volkameria inermis, in Japan, and it is revealed that the genus is a member of Neohendersoniaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes).

The detection of major clades and new species of Mallocybe (Inocybaceae, Agaricales) from China with elongate cheilocystidia

Three new Mallocybe species from China featuring elongate cheilocystidia that were revealed through morphological and molecular analyses are described and the systematic position of the new species and infrageneric phylogeny of the genus is discussed.

A draft genome of the ascomycotal fungal species Pseudopithomyces maydicus (family Didymosphaeriaceae)

We report a draft genome of the ascomycotal fungal species Pseudopithomyces maydicus (isolate name SBW1) obtained using a culture isolate from brewery wastewater. From a 22 contig assembly, we

Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 3




Dothiorella and Spencermartinsia, new species and records from grapevines in Australia

Based on morphological characters and phylogeny of DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and part of the translation elongation factor (TEF) 1–α gene, three new species of Spencermartinsia westrale, Dothiorella vinea-gemmae and W.R. Úrbez-Torres are described from grapevines in Australia.

Towards a natural classification of Annulatascaceae-like taxa: introducing Atractosporales ord. nov. and six new families

Phylogenetic analyses provide evidence to introduce one new order and six new families, to accommodate taxa excluded from Annulatascaceae sensu stricto, and a new order Atractosporales is established based on the molecular study, including three new introduced families Conlariaceae, Pseudoproboscisporaceae and Atractonaceae.

Ranking higher taxa using divergence times: a case study in Dothideomycetes

This study found that molecular dating coupled with phylogenetic inferences provides no support for the taxonomic status of two currently recognized orders, namely Bezerromycetales and Wiesneriomycetes and these are treated as synonyms of Tubeufiales while Asterotexiales is treated as a synonym of Asterinales.

An updated phylogeny of Sordariomycetes based on phylogenetic and molecular clock evidence

An updated classification of accepted subclasses, orders of Sordariomycetes is provided and divergence times are used to provide additional evidence to stabilize ranking of taxa in the class.

Dictyosporiaceae fam. nov.

Dictyosporiaceae fam. nov. is introduced to accommodate a holomorphic group of Dothideomycetes that are saprobes on decaying wood and plant debris in terrestrial and freshwater habitats. The sexual

Families of Sordariomycetes

Sordariomycetes is one of the largest classes of Ascomycota that comprises a highly diverse range of fungi characterized mainly by perithecial ascomata and inoperculate unitunicate asci. The class

Towards standardizing taxonomic ranks using divergence times – a case study for reconstruction of the Agaricus taxonomic system

ITS data, while useful at lower taxonomic levels, are of limited value for inferring deeper phylogenetic relationships and it is suggested that the establishment of a standardized taxonomic system based on divergence times could result in a more objective, and biologically more meaningful, taxonomic ranking of fungi.

Taxonomy and phylogeny of dematiaceous coelomycetes

This paper illustrates, describes, and provides taxonomic notes for 235 dematiaceous coelomycetous genera, including five new genera viz.

Plant-associated fungal communities in the light of meta’omics

  • D. Peršoh
  • Environmental Science
    Fungal Diversity
  • 2015
Approaches for the cultivation-independent analysis of microbial communities are summarized as meta’omics, which predominantly includes metagenomic, -transcriptomic, -proteomic and -metabolomic

Towards a natural classification of Astrosphaeriella-like species; introducing Astrosphaeriellaceae and Pseudoastrosphaeriellaceae fam. nov. and Astrosphaeriellopsis, gen. nov.

Phylogenetic analyses show that species of Astrosphaeriella can be distinguished in at least three families, and a new family,Astrosphaeriellaceae, is introduced to accommodate these taxa.