Fungal Planet description sheets: 128–153

  title={Fungal Planet description sheets: 128–153},
  author={P W Crous and R G Shivas and M. J. Wingfield and B. A. Summerell and A. Y. Rossman and J C Pansonato Alves and G. C. Adams and R W Barreto and Ann M. Bell and M. L. Coutinho and S Luke Flory and Genevieve M. Gates and K Grice and G. Hardy and N. M. Kleczewski and Lorenzo Lombard and C M O Longa and Gerry Louis-Seize and Filomena Macedo and D. P. Mahoney and Giorgio Maresi and P. M. Martin-Sanchez and Ludmilla Marvanov{\'a} and A. M. Minnis and L. N. Morgado and M. E. Noordeloos and A J L Phillips and William Quaedvlieg and P G Ryan and Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez and K A Seifert and W. J. Swart and Y P Tan and Joey B. Tanney and P. Q. Thu and S.I.R. Videira and D. M. Walker and J C Groenewald and Donald M. Walker and Gerard C. Adams and Claudia Maria Oliveira Longa and Andrew M. Minnis and Amy Y. Rossman and Nathan M. Kleczewski and Daniel P. Mahoney and Yu Pei Tan and Kathy R. Grice and Pham Quang Thu and W. Crous Pedro and Giles E. St J. Hardy and Wijnand J. Swart and Sandra I.R. Videira and Roger Graham Shivas and Brett Anthony Summerell and Pedro W. Crous and Peter G. Ryan and Michael J. Wingfield and Johannes Z. Groenewald and Keith A. Seifert and Alan J. L. Phillips and Mathilda L. Coutinho and S Cesareo and Pedro M Martin-Sanchez and Janaina Lana Alves and Robert Weingart Barreto and Lu{\'i}s Morgado and Machiel E. Noordeloos},
Novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from Australia: Catenulostroma corymbiae from Corymbia, Devriesia stirlingiae from Stirlingia, Penidiella carpentariae from Carpentaria, Phaeococcomyces eucalypti from Eucalyptus, Phialophora livistonae from Livistona, Phyllosticta aristolochiicola from Aristolochia, Clitopilus austroprunulus on sclerophyll forest litter of Eucalyptus regnans and Toxicocladosporium posoqueriae from Posoqueria. Several species are… CONTINUE READING
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