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Fundamentals of semigroup theory

  title={Fundamentals of semigroup theory},
  author={John M. Howie},
1. Introductory ideas 2. Green's equivalences regular semigroups 3. 0-simple semigroups 4. Completely regular semigroups 5. Inverse semigroups 6. Other classes of regular semigroups 7. Free semigroups 8. Semigroup amalgams References List of symbols 
The structure of generalized inverse semigroups
We prove that the structure of right generalized inverse semigroups is determined by free étale actions of inverse semigroups. This leads to a tensor product interpretation of Yamada’s classical
On an equivalence between regular ordered Γ-semigroups and regular ordered semigroups
Abstract In this paper, we develop a technique which enables us to obtain several results from the theory of Γ-semigroups as logical implications of their semigroup theoretical analogues.
  • P. Higgins
  • Mathematics
    Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • 2016
Abstract We augment the body of existing results on embedding finite semigroups of a certain type into 2-generator finite semigroups of the same type. The approach adopted applies to finite
The * congruence on left inverse semigroups
  • C. Gong, S. Y. Ma
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology
  • 2011
The structure theorem of left inverse semigroups has been investigated by Yamada. In this paper, the concept of * congruence on left inverse semigroup S is introduced and the * congruence on S are
Structure theory of regular semigroups
This survey aims to give an overview of several substantial developments of the last 50 years in the structure theory of regular semigroups and to shed light on their impact on other parts of
A new approach to semigroup theory I: soft union semigroups, ideals and bi-ideals
In this paper, soft union semigroups, soft union left (right, two-sided) ideals and bi-ideals of semigroups are defined, their properties and interrelations are given and regular, intra-regular,
In this paper we study some interesting properties of regular ternary semigroups, completely regular ternary semigroups, intra-regular ternary semigroups and characterize them by using various ideals
Radicals of some semigroup algebras
In this paper we seek to determine the Jacobson radical of certain algebras based on semigroups, and in particular on the semigroups (βS,□), where S is a cancellative, countable, abelian semigroup
Primer on inverse semigroups II
This is an overview of the basics of inverse semigroup theory written for the Workshop on Semigroups and Categories held at the University of Ottawa in 2010.
Minimum Group Congruences on Eventually Regular Semigroups
The minimum group congruence on an eventually regular semigroup is investigated by means of weak inverse and some properties of the minimum groupCongruent semigroup are characterized.