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Fundamentals of War Gaming

  title={Fundamentals of War Gaming},
  author={J. W. Shaw and F. J. Mchugh},
Playing Soldiers: The War Game in Late Qing and Republican China
In the early twentieth century, Chinese military reformers introduced the war game to improve the training of officers and professionalize their education according to foreign role models. The war
The role of war games in the operational planning process
It has been concluded by the research results that war games are an integral and inseparable part of the operational planning process in modern armed forces and that they are implemented as various models for making decisions during the preparation and execution of combat actions and armed conflicts.
Next-Generation Wargaming for the U.S. Marine Corps: Recommended Courses of Action
This report describes an evaluation of the utility of different wargaming tools as the U.S. Marine Corps invests in its wargaming capability and in building its next-generation wargaming concept. The
Remote Controlled Restraint: The Effect of Remote Warfighting Technology on Crisis Escalation
Remote Controlled Restraint: The Effect of Remote Warfighting Technology on Crisis Escalation Erik Lin-Greenberg How do technologies that remove warfighters from the front lines affect the frequency
Would U.S. Leaders Push the Button? Wargames and the Sources of Nuclear Restraint
Why since 1945 have nuclear weapons not been used? Political scientists have cited five basic reasons: deterrence, practicality, precedent, reputation, and ethics. Scholars attempting to weight these
Will to Fight: Analyzing, Modeling, and Simulating the Will to Fight of Military Units
The model provides a research-grounded template for case-by-case adviser assessment of partner or allied military forces and the intelligence analysis of adversary forces.
The lives of objects: designing for meaningful things
The Meaningful Things Framework aims to help disambiguate the complex ways by which practitioners create, perceive and treat the meaningful things involved in their activities, and aid designers, developers and the communities themselves in understanding and supporting their practices.
Modeling Cyber Physical War Gaming
This work illustrates how operational military war games and cyber war games share similar constructs and provides a game-theoretic approach to mathematically analyze attacker and defender strategies in cyber warGames.
Integrating Agile Combat Support within Title 10 Wargames
Abstract : Air Force (AF) Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) continually progresses the evolution of AF while achieving national security and military objectives. CD&E experiments on
The Instructor Role during Educational Wargaming
The instructor has a vital role in leading the debriefing discussion in game-based learning. The role during the gaming part is however not as clear. Some results suggest that the instructor should