Fundamentals of Layout Design for Electronic Circuits

  title={Fundamentals of Layout Design for Electronic Circuits},
  author={Jens Lienig and Juergen Scheible},

Enhancement of Electromagnetic Interference Control Techniques Using Printed Circuit Boards Design : Review

— Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) are highly contributing to today’s modern technology as they refer to the term of handling signal integrity from the point

Mathematical Model for Chemical Reactions in Electrolyte Applied to Cytochrome $c$ Oxidase: an Electro-osmotic Approach

A mathematical model for chemical reactions in electrolytes is developed using an Energy variational method consistent with classical thermodynamics. Electrostatics and chemical reactions are

Analog Synthesis - The Deterministic Way

A review of deterministic methods for sizing, structural synthesis and layout synthesis of analog circuits, which have been developed over the past decades, and a summary of the underlying mindset of analog design automation.

Optimized is Not Always Optimal - The Dilemma of Analog Design Automation

It is shown that the dilemma that arises in analog design with the typical optimization processes employed for the synthesizing tasks is the root cause of the low level of automation in analogDesign.

Setting Boundaries for Statistical Mechanics

It is shown that statistical mechanics without bounds (in space) is impossible as well as imperfect, if the molecules interact as charged particles, as nearly all atoms do.