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Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacokinetics

  title={Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacokinetics},
  author={John G. Wagner},
An Application of Nelder-Mead Heuristic-based Hybrid Algorithms: Estimation of Compartment Model Parameters
A derivative free simple local search algorithm, Nelder-Mead Simplex, is hybridized with two artificial intelligence optimization algorithms, called GANMS and PSONMS, which are used for parameter estimation.
Suppressive effect of globin digest on postprandial hyperlipidemia in male volunteers.
Globin digest reduced the increase in serum chylomicron triglyceride concentrations as a result of the ingestion of a high fat diet, and may be valuable for preventing obesity and in lowering the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.
Non-linear mixed-effects modeling for complex biopharmaceutical data
Pharmacokinetic model equations for the one- and two-compartment models with first-order processes in which the absorption and exponential elimination or distribution rate constants are equal
  • H. Wijnand
  • Biology
    Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics
  • 2005
Criteria is given to decide whether the new or the classical model functions should be applied in the case of a two-compartment open model in which the absorption and exponential distribution rate constants are equal.
Multiple receptor responses: A new concept to describe the relationship between pharmacological effects and pharmacokinetics of a drug: Studies on clonidine in the rat and cat
The kinetics of the analgesic effect of clonidine in the rat could best be related to the brain levels if the observed effect was considered to be derived from the sum of activity at two receptor sites each producing analgesia.
Kinetics of d-tubocurarine disposition and pharmacologic response in rats
Plasma d-TC levels and pharmacologie response intensity were well correlated by Hill's equation and a three compartment model (the general two and the biophase compartments) in the dose range ≤0.15 mg/kg.
Bias in the Wagner–Nelson Estimate of the Fraction of Drug Absorbed
The bias in the Wagner-Nelson estimate resulting from to estimation error in k can be dramatically reduced by use of the mean of several independent estimates of k, as in studies for development of an in vivo-in vitro correlation.
A System-Approach Method for the Adjustment of Time-Varying Continuous Drug Infusion in Individual Patients: A Simulation Study
The aim of this simulation study was to present a system-approach method for adjustment of continuous drug infusions at time-varying rates, aimed at achieving and then maintaining required drug
Epirubicin metabolism and pharmacokinetics after conventional- and high-dose intravenous administration: a cross-over study
All the metabolic pathways seemed well preserved when the dose was doubled, and no evident sign of “saturation kinetics” could be found, and analysis of variance failed to reveal any significant correlation between dose and plasma clearance.
The pharmacokinetics of prednimustine and chlorambucil in the rat
The reduced toxicity of prednimustine is due to chlorambucil esterification and the subsequent alteration in pharmacokinetics, whilst inhibition of alkylating agent-resistant tumours results from the combination of chlor Ambucil and prednisolone.