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Fundamental reflections on psychotherapy research and initial results of the naturalistic psychotherapy study on outpatient treatment in Switzerland (PAP-S)

  title={Fundamental reflections on psychotherapy research and initial results of the naturalistic psychotherapy study on outpatient treatment in Switzerland (PAP-S)},
  author={Volker Tschuschke and Aureliano Crameri and Margit Koemeda and Peter Schulthess and Agnes von Wyl and Rainer K Weber},
  journal={International Journal of Psychotherapy},
The paper deals with the current controversy regarding the subject of appropriate and necessary research strategies in psychotherapy, and it takes a clear stand in favour of a naturalistic, process-outcome-oriented research approach (practice-based evidence). Based on the design and the initial results of the PAP-S study, conducted by the Swiss Charter for Psychotherapy, it will be pointed out how useful empirical research can be carried out in psychotherapy. 

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