Fundamental cryobiology of mammalian oocytes and ovarian tissue.

  title={Fundamental cryobiology of mammalian oocytes and ovarian tissue.},
  author={Jillian M Shaw and Apichart Oranratnachai and Alan O. Trounson},
  volume={53 1},
Embryo cryopreservation is a widely used and relatively well-established procedure. By contrast, ovarian tissue and unfertilized oocytes are only rarely cryopreserved, even though for germ line storage these often would be preferable to embryo cryopreservation. There are many reasons for this discrepancy. Unfertilized mature (MII) stage oocytes are more difficult to cryopreserve than cleavage stage embryos of the same species. Many factors contribute to this including the oocyte's surface to… CONTINUE READING

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