• Physics
  • Published 2010

Fundamental Properties of Cool Stars with Interferometry

  title={Fundamental Properties of Cool Stars with Interferometry},
  author={Tabetha S. Boyajian and Kaspar von Braun and Gerard T. van Belle and T. A. ten Brummelaar and David R. Ciardi and Todd J. Henry and Mercedes L'opez-Morales and Harold A. McAlister and Stephen T. Ridgway and Chris Farrington and P. J. Goldfinger and Lazlo Sturmann and Judit Sturmann and Nicole Turner},
We present measurements of fundamental astrophysical properties of nearby, low-mass, K- and M-dwarfs from our DISCOS survey (DIameterS of COol Stars). The principal goal of our study is the determination of linear radii and effective temperatures for these stars. We calculate their radii from angular diameter measurements using the CHARA Array and Hipparcos distances. Combined with bolometric flux measurements based on literature photometry, we use our angular diameter results to calculate… CONTINUE READING

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