Fundamental Formulas of Physics

  title={Fundamental Formulas of Physics},
  author={Donald Howard Menzel and Louis Weinberg},
  journal={Physics Today},
Agnotology: learning from mistakes
Abstract. Replication is an important part of science, and by repeating past analyses, we show that a number of papers in the scientific literature contain severe methodological flaws which can
Network resilience against intelligent attacks constrained by the degree-dependent node removal cost
If node removal costs increase sufficiently fast with the node degree, power law networks are found to be more resilient than Poissonian ones, even against optimized intelligent attacks.
Rigorous treatment of electrostatics for spatially varying dielectrics based on energy minimization.
An energy minimization formulation of electrostatics that allows computation of the electrostatic energy and forces to any desired accuracy in a system with arbitrary dielectric properties is
Alternative tsunami models
The interesting papers by Margaritondo (2005 Eur. J. Phys. 26 401) and by Helene and Yamashita (2006 Eur. J. Phys. 27 855) analysed the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 using a simple
Dinâmica molecular: teoria e aplicações em planejamento de fármacos
This review focuses on the basic theory of classical MD and their important applications in rational drug design of potential bioactive compounds, particularly anti-HIV compounds.
Spin models on random graphs with controlled topologies beyond degree constraints
We study Ising spin models on finitely connected random interaction graphs which are drawn from an ensemble in which not only the degree distribution p(k) can be chosen arbitrarily, but which allows
On the waves of plastic flow localization in pure metals and alloys
  • L. Zuev
  • Materials Science
    Annalen der Physik
  • 2007
The emergence in the deforming material of local strain patterns (self excited waves), which are ordered in space and evolve with time, has been investigated for a wide range of metals and alloys.