Functions of the nucleus of the optic tract (NOT).

  title={Functions of the nucleus of the optic tract (NOT).},
  author={Sergei B. Yakushin and Martin Gizzi and Harvey Reisine and Theodore Raphan and Jean B{\"u}ttner-Ennever and Bernard Cohen},
  journal={Experimental Brain Research},
Ocular pursuit in monkeys, elicited by sinusoidal and triangular (constant velocity) stimuli, was studied before and after lesions of the nucleus of the optic tract (NOT). Before NOT lesions, pursuit gains (eye velocity/target velocity) were close to unity for sinusoidal and constant-velocity stimuli at frequencies up to 1 Hz. In this range, retinal slip was less than 2°. Electrode tracks made to identify the location of NOT caused deficits in ipsilateral pursuit, which later recovered. Small… CONTINUE READING