Functions of CD8 T-cell subsets secreting different cytokine patterns.

  title={Functions of CD8 T-cell subsets secreting different cytokine patterns.},
  author={Tim R. Mosmann and Liwu Li and Subash Sad},
  journal={Seminars in immunology},
  volume={9 2},
CD8+ T cells can differentiate into two effector phenotypes, Tc1 and Tc2, secreting different cytokine patterns. Both subsets are cytotoxic via the perforin and Fas pathways, and both kill resting and activated B cells, ruling out the possibility of cognate help, although Tc2 cells may provide bystander help. Both subsets induce inflammation with similar cellular infiltrates. Tc1 cytokine synthesis is limited by two mechanisms--IL-4 induces a permanent deficiency in cytokine secretion, and… CONTINUE READING

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