Functioning and Capability

  title={Functioning and Capability},
  author={David A. Crocker},
  journal={Political Theory},
  pages={584 - 612}
  • D. Crocker
  • Published 1 November 1992
  • Sociology
  • Political Theory
Teacher values and value construction among low income female teachers in Bangalore, India: implications for reflective practice in teacher education in India
Reflective practice amongst teachers in India is inhibited by a summative learning approach characterised by exam performance emphasis and rote learning, leading to the teacher acting as intermediary
Social capabilities–based flexicurity for a learning economy
Mainstream economists argue that unemployment must be tackled with ‘flexibilisation’ or ‘labour market deregulation’. The public policy application has been the principle of ‘flexicurity’, with mixed
Standing in Complexity: Positions on Diversity and Conflict: Social differences and the emergence of conflict
In today’s globalized world people are increasingly faced with social differences. Patterns of migration lead to vibrant pluralized societies, characterized by peaceful human encounters, but also,
Integrating mental health and social development in theory and practice.
  • S. Plagerson
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Health policy and planning
  • 2015
Compatibility between social development and mental health paradigms is shown to provide a strong framework for integrating mental health and development, and horizontal and vertical integration strategies are suggested.
Universities, professional capabilities and contributions to the public good in South Africa
The generation of a public-good, capabilities-based approach to professional education in South African universities is outlined and proposed as a contribution to wider social transformation. The
El enfoque de las capacidades de Amartya Sen: alcance y límites.
La tesis tiene como objetivo analizar el sentido, alcance, limites e implicaciones del enfoque de las capacidades elaborado por Amartya Sen desde el ambito de la filosofia moral y politica. Al
Group Adaptation , Poverty and Well-Being : Some Issues and Observations with Special Reference to the Capability Approach and Development Studies GPRG-WPS-081
The idea that people adapt to poverty and deprivation by suppressing their wants, hopes and aspirations has gained a lot of currency in development ethics. While the ‘adaptation problem’ is often
The seductive quality of central human capabilities: sociological insights into Nussbaum and Sen's disagreement
Abstract In an era when relativism and questions of modernity have unsettled the premises and goals of the development project, there is a seductive quality to the universalism of Nussbaum's
Why Development NGOs in the North Work with the Poor in their Own Communities: Does Everyone Matter ?
This research seeks to understand how, why and with what implications development NGOs based in the global ‘North’ (NDNGOs) establish and maintain domestic poverty programmes, working with poor
The glory of God is humanity fully alive: exploring Eastern Orthodoxy as a resource for human development in conversation with the capability approach
This dissertation argues that Eastern Orthodox theology is a framework for multidimensional social change or improvement and can inform, and be informed by the multi-disciplinary social science field


Property and Hunger
  • A. Sen
  • History
    Economics and Philosophy
  • 1988
In an interesting letter to Anna George, the daughter of Henry George, Bernard Shaw wrote: “Your father found me a literary dilettante and militant rationalist in religion, and a barren rascal at
Food Problem: Theory and Policy
The various approaches to the food problem that can be found in the literature fall broadly into two groups. One group emphasises the natural sciences and engineering, and relates the food problem to
Human Functioning and Social Justice
It will be seen how in place of the wealth and poverty of political economy come the rich human being and rich human need. The rich human being is simultaneously the human being in need of totality
The Moral Standing of the Market
How valuable is the market mechanism for practical morality? What is its moral standing? We can scarcely doubt that as individuals we do value tremendously the opportunity of using markets. Indeed,
Public action and the quality of life in developing countries.
  • A. Sen
  • Economics
    Oxford bulletin of economics and statistics
  • 1981
Tanzania appears to have been relatively successful in terms of the removal of illiteracy, and Sri Lanka has been successful in raising life expectancy, and the lesson to be learned from their experience is the great importance of employment expansion in poverty removal.