Functionalized nano-magnetic particles for an in vivo delivery system.

  title={Functionalized nano-magnetic particles for an in vivo delivery system.},
  author={Shinji Moritake and Shu Taira and Yuko Ichiyanagi and Nobuhiro Morone and Si-Young Song and Takahiro Hatanaka and Shigeki Yuasa and Mitsutoshi Setou},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={7 3},
Nanotechnologies to allow the nondisruptive introduction of carriers in vivo have wide potential for therapeutic delivery system. We have prepared functional nano-magnetic particles (d = 3 nm) by silanization with (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane. For the purpose of functionalizing the surface of the nanoparticles with amino groups for subsequent cross-linking with pharmaceuticals and biomolecules. The extremely small particles were successfully introduced into living cells without any further… CONTINUE READING

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