Functionalization of DNA by the base pair-mimic nucleosides.

  title={Functionalization of DNA by the base pair-mimic nucleosides.},
  author={Hirohito Oka and S. Nakano and Yuuki Uotani and K. Uenishi and M. Fujii and N. Sugimoto},
  journal={Nucleic acids symposium series},
We developed the base pair-mimic nucleosides tethering the phenyl group and the naphtyl group, synthesized from deoxyadenosine (Aphe and Anaph) and deoxycytidine (Cphe and Cnaph). Structure and the thermal stability of the DNA duplexes containing the deoxyadenosine derivatives or the deoxycytidine ones in the middle of a DNA strand were obtained by the CD spectra and the UV melting curves. The DeltaGo37 values among DNA duplexes containing Aphe-A, Aphe-G, Aphe-C and Aphe-T pair differed only by… Expand