Functionality of batters containing different starch types for deep-fat frying of chicken nuggets

  title={Functionality of batters containing different starch types for deep-fat frying of chicken nuggets},
  author={Bilge Altunakar and Serpil Sahin and Gulum Sumnu},
  journal={European Food Research and Technology},
The effect of various starch types (amylomaize, corn, waxymaize, pregelatinized tapioca) on quality attributes (texture, moisture content, oil content, color, coating pick up, cooking yield, volume and porosity) of deep-fat fried chicken nuggets were studied. Chicken samples, 0.04 m in diameter and 0.015 m in thickness, taken from the breast portion, were coated with batters composed of a 3:5 solid to water ratio by immersion. The solid content of batter formulations contained equal amounts of… 
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