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Functionalism is / n ’ t formalism : an interactive review of Darnell et al . ( 1999 ) 1

  title={Functionalism is / n ’ t formalism : an interactive review of Darnell et al . ( 1999 ) 1},
  author={Michael Darnell and Edith A. Moravcsik and F. Newmeyer and M. Noonan},
SETTING: The University of Arizona’s idyllic desert campus. As in many colleges across the United States, ‘ formalist ’ linguistics is implicitly understood to be at cross-purposes with ‘functionalist ’ linguistics. The Linguistics Department’s only course on non-minimalist syntax is famously nicknamed ‘Bad Guys’. Although the linguistics department forms a unified front, malcontent quietly simmers across campus as functionalist sociolinguists, discourse analysts, grammaticalization specialists… Expand
Language System – Linguistics as an Empirical Science
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This paper examines two general approaches to language system. First, the traditional approach is based on the langue-parole dichotomy and assumes that real communication is centered around theExpand
Komunikace versus systém, nebo komunikace versus model?
This article is a reaction to M. Komarek’s essay Communication versus system? (1999) and is primarily concerned with the critical analysis of the dichotomic concept of natural language. InExpand
Subject expression in L2 Spanish: Convergence of generative and usage-based perspectives?
This article explores how the problem of subject expression has been conceptualized within each research tradition, as well as unanswered questions that both approaches must consider in order to strengthen and refine their positions. Expand
1 The Concepts ‘Formal’ and ‘Functional’ 1.


The innateness of binding and coreference
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Ergative splits' and argument type
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Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1982.
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