Functional vanilloid receptors in cultured normal human epidermal keratinocytes.

  title={Functional vanilloid receptors in cultured normal human epidermal keratinocytes.},
  author={Kaori Inoue and Schuichi Koizumi and Shigeyoshi Fuziwara and Sumiko Denda and Kazuhide Inoue and Mitsuhiro Denda},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={291 1},
Vanilloid receptor subtype 1, VR1, is an ion channel that serves as a polymodal detector of pain-producing chemicals such as capsaicin and protons in primary afferent neurons. Here we showed that both capsaicin and acidification produced elevations in the intracellular Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) in cultured human epidermal keratinocytes. The capsaicin- and acidification-evoked increases in [Ca(2+)](i) were inhibited by capsazepine, an antagonist to VR1. VR1-like immunoreactivity was… CONTINUE READING


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