Functional tethered lipid bilayers.

  title={Functional tethered lipid bilayers.},
  author={Wolfgang Knoll and Curtis W. Frank and C Heibel and Renate Naumann and Andreas Offenh{\"a}usser and J{\"u}rgen R{\"u}he and Enrico K Schmidt and W W Shen and Alex Sinner},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={74 3},
Our strategy to provide the structural basis for the build-up of functional tethered membranes focuses on three approaches: the first one is based on the pre-organization of a monomolecular layer of a lipopolymer at the water/air interface which is then transferred to a solid support. Prior to deposition, the substrate is coated with a layer of benzophenone-derivatized silane molecules that allow for a stable covalent attachment by photo-cross-linking of some of the monomer units of the… CONTINUE READING


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