Functional role of DNRA and nitrite reduction in a pristine south Chilean Nothofagus forest

  title={Functional role of DNRA and nitrite reduction in a pristine south Chilean Nothofagus forest},
  author={Tobias R{\"u}tting and Dries Huygens and Christoph M{\"u}ller and Oswald van Cl{\'e}emput and Roberto Godoy and Pascal Boeckx},
Nitrite (NO2−) is an intermediate in a variety of soil N cycling processes. However, NO2− dynamics are often not included in studies that explore the N cycle in soil. Within the presented study, nitrite dynamics were investigated in a Nothofagus betuloides forest on an Andisol in southern Chile. We carried out a 15N tracing study with six 15N labeling treatments, including combinations of NO3−, NH4+ and NO2−. Gross N transformation rates were quantified with a 15N tracing model in combination… Expand
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