[Functional results of tympanoplasty using autologous cartilage].


During 6 years we performed 352 tympanoplasty surgeries and used cartilage plates in 175 cases (49.7%). Total or subtotal defects of the tympanum were found in 83 patients. The tragus or floor of the auricle cartilage was used for surgery. Good morphological results were seen in 93.1% cases by the end of the 1st month and in 92% cases by the end of the 2nd month of observation; good functional results were recorded in 75.4% and 69.1% cases, respectively. Socially adequate hearing improvement was observed in 63.4% patients. In summary, the de novo built system of air conduction becomes functionally operational 9 to 12 months after surgery and remains stable thereafter.

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