Functional results of burned hands treated with Integra®.

  title={Functional results of burned hands treated with Integra®.},
  author={Alvaro J. Cuadra and Gerardo Correa and Ricardo Roa and Jos{\'e} Luis Pi{\~n}eros and Hern{\'a}n Norambuena and Susana V Searle and Roc{\'i}o Las Heras and Wilfredo Calder{\'o}n},
  journal={Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS},
  volume={65 2},
INTRODUCTION Dermal substitutes, such as Integra(®) introduced as a new alternative to our surgical arsenal and its use in burn treatment, in both acute and chronic phases, have gained great importance. OBJECTIVE The aim of the experiment is to describe the results of the functional evaluation of patients with burned hands treated with Integra(®) in both acute and chronic phases. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective review of a transversal cohort. Patient characteristics evaluated were… CONTINUE READING