Functional reconstitution of ion channels from Paramecium cortex into artificial liposomes

  title={Functional reconstitution of ion channels from Paramecium cortex into artificial liposomes},
  author={Xiang Zhou and Choi Mui Chan and Yoshiro Saimi and Ching Kung},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
Toward isolating channel proteins from Paramecium, we have explored the possibility of functionally reconstituting ion channels in an artificial system. Proteins from Paramecium cortex reconstituted with soybean azolectin retained several channels whose activities were readily registered under patch clamp. The most commonly encountered activities were three: (i) a 71-pS cation channel that opens at all voltages unless dior trivalent cations were added to close them, (ii) a 40 pS monovalent… CONTINUE READING


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