Functional proteomics, human genetics and cancer biology of GIPC family members

  • Masuko Katoh
  • Published 2013 in Experimental & Molecular Medicine


GIPC1, GIPC2 and GIPC3 consist of GIPC homology 1 (GH1) domain, PDZ domain and GH2 domain. The regions around the GH1 and GH2 domains of GIPC1 are involved in dimerization and interaction with myosin VI (MYO6), respectively. The PDZ domain of GIPC1 is involved in interactions with transmembrane proteins [IGF1R, NTRK1, ADRB1, DRD2, TGFβR3 (transforming… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/emm.2013.49

4 Figures and Tables


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