Functional properties of porcine-thyroid follicles in suspension

  title={Functional properties of porcine-thyroid follicles in suspension},
  author={F. Anders Karlsson and Kerstin Westermark and Bengt Westermark},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology},
Porcine thyroid follicle cells were isolated (about 10(7) cells per gram of tissue) and cultured in small aggregates in agarose-coated culture dishes. The aggregates became arranged into follicle-like structures capable of iodide uptake and organification. In the presence of TSH (0.2 mU/ml), the aggregation of follicles was enhanced, and iodide uptake as well as TSH-stimulated organification of iodide was increased compared with that in the control. In culture, the active iodide metabolism was… CONTINUE READING