Functional p53 protein in human papillomavirus-positive cancer cells.

  title={Functional p53 protein in human papillomavirus-positive cancer cells.},
  author={K Penelope Butz and L Shahabeddin and Caroline Geisen and Dimitry Spitkovsky and Angela Ullmann and Felix Hoppe-Seyler},
  volume={10 5},
There is accumulating evidence that the p53 protein contributes to tumor suppression by stimulating the transcription of specific cellular genes, such as the cell cycle control gene WAF1/ClP1. p53-mediated transcriptional activation is inhibited in cotransfection assays by overexpressed E6 protein from cancer-associated human papillomavirus (HPV) types, pointing at a possible molecular mechanism by which these viruses contribute to malignant cell transformation. Here we analysed the… CONTINUE READING