Functional neck dissection: cure and functional results.

  title={Functional neck dissection: cure and functional results.},
  author={Ercihan G{\"u}ney and Orhan Gazi Yiğitbaşi and K{\"u}rşat Can{\"o}z and Mehmet Ertuğrul Ozt{\"u}rk and Alparslan Ersoy},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={112 12},
In this study, the cure and functional results of 133 functional neck dissections performed between 1992-1997 in Erciyes University Medical Faculty were evaluated. The overall recurrence rate was three per cent. This rate was 1.4 per cent for elective functional neck dissections and five per cent for curative functional neck dissections. Electromyographic studies showed that there was severe neurogenic deficit in the trapezius muscle of seven patients (12.5 per cent), and in the… CONTINUE READING