Functional morphology of the sonic apparatus in Ophidion barbatum (Teleostei, Ophidiidae).

  title={Functional morphology of the sonic apparatus in Ophidion barbatum (Teleostei, Ophidiidae).},
  author={{\'E}ric Parmentier and Nicolas Fontenelle and Michael L Fine and Pierre Vandewalle and Catherine Henrist},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={267 12},
Most soniferous fishes producing sounds with their swimbladder utilize relatively simple mechanisms: contraction and relaxation of a unique pair of sonic muscles cause rapid movements of the swimbladder resulting in sound production. Here we describe the sonic mechanism for Ophidion barbatum, which includes three pairs of sonic muscles, highly transformed vertebral centra and ribs, a neural arch that pivots and a swimbladder whose anterior end is modified into a bony structure, the rocker bone… CONTINUE READING
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