Functional literacy of Young Guyanese Adults

  title={Functional literacy of Young Guyanese Adults},
  author={Zellyne Jennings},
  journal={International Review of Education},
Functional literacy is interpreted as the ability of the individual to apply skills in reading, writing, calculation and basic problem-solving in those activities in which literacy is required for effective functioning in his/her own group and community. The paper describes the rationale, development and administration of the test used for measuring levels (high, moderate, low) of achievement in functional literacy in three domains (document, prose and quantitative). An assumption of the study… 

The relationship between functional literacy and problem-solving skills: A study on 4th-grade students

This study explored the relationship between 4th-grade students’ functional literacy levels and their problem-solving skills and the effect level of students’ functional literacy experiences on their

Aliterate College Students: A Neglect Of Reading Or A New Type Of Literacy?

This study examines the literacy practices of college students in order to determine whether their reading habits are likely to detract from their future professions. Based on reports that many

Literacy and ICT : social constructions in the lives of low-literate youth in Ethiopia & Malawi

This thesis explores how literacy and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are socially constructed in the lives of low-literate youth in the context of Ethiopia and Malawi. Literacy and

Education and social inequality in the global culture

Foreword.- Preface, Joseph Zajda.- Contributors.- 1. Global Convergence and Divergence in Childhood Ideologies and the Marginalization of Children, Diane M. Hoffman, Guoping Zhao.- 2. Measuring

Transformation and Empowerment of the Disadvantaged Township Women through Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET)

Abstract Practices in most African communities deprive women of their right to education. It has been a social and cultural prejudice in many African families that only boys are privileged to be

Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean: findings from a national adult literacy programme

This paper shares the findings of an assessment carried out in 2007 of a national adult literacy programme introduced in 2005 in the Eastern Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The

Overview and Introduction

Since the 1980s, globalisation, marketisation and quality/efficiency driven reforms around the world have resulted in structural, ideological and qualitative changes in education and policy (Zajda

Globalisation, policy, and comparative research : discourses of globalisation

Dedication. Preface Joseph Zajda. Acknowledgements. 1. Globalisation and its Impact on Education and Policy Joseph Zajda. 2. Comparative Education in an Increasingly Globalised World Lynn Davies. 3.

Introduction: Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education: The Role of the State

Introduction Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education/ Joseph Zajda Part One: Global Perspectives on Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education: Privatisation in Education in Canada: A

Decentralisation and privatisation in education

The construct of ‘neo-liberalism’ well defines privatisation within a global convergence of educational policy discourses and practices. This study analyses initiatives for and processes of

Literacy skill retention in adult students in developing countries

Literacy Assessment in the Third World: An Overview and Proposed Schema for Survey Use

    D. Wagner
    Economics, Education
    Comparative Education Review
  • 1990
Many countries have sought to increase literacy among their populations. Rationales for such efforts usually involve the consequences for economic development, as well as for human development,

World Literacy Prospects at the Turn of the Century: Is the Objective of Literacy for All by the Year 2000 Statistically Plausible?

The role of literacy as a fundamental human right and as a necessary prerequisite for social and economic development is currently acknowledged without restriction. It is generally accepted that

International education statistics and research: Status and problems☆

Investigation of functional literacy and job-skills used in clerical workplace settings

This paper presents the findings of a study on the functional literacy and job-skills used by clerical workers in a variety of work situations. The study focused on the employees' own perceptions of

Notes – Berichte – Communications the World Bank and the Literacy Question: Orthodoxy, Heresy and Ideology

Rappel des choix politiques de la Banque Mondiale a propos de l'alphabetisation des adultes et des jeunes depuis les annees 1960. Les relations entre les efforts de developpement et l'alphabetisation