Functional limit theorem for occupation time processes of intermittent maps

  title={Functional limit theorem for occupation time processes of intermittent maps},
  author={Toru Sera},
  pages={1183 - 1217}
  • T. Sera
  • Published 10 October 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Nonlinearity
We establish a functional limit theorem for the joint-law of occupations near and away from indifferent fixed points of interval maps, and of waits for the occupations away from these points, in the sense of strong distributional convergence. It is a functional and joint-distributional extension of Darling–Kac type limit theorem, of Lamperti type generalized arcsine laws for occupation times, and of Dynkin and Lamperti type generalized arcsine laws for waiting times, at the same time. 
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