Functional investigation of grass carp reovirus nonstructural protein NS80

  title={Functional investigation of grass carp reovirus nonstructural protein NS80},
  author={Lin Cai and Xiaoyun Sun and Ling Shao and Qin Fang},
  booktitle={Virology Journal},
Grass Carp Reovirus (GCRV), a highly virulent agent of aquatic animals, has an eleven segmented dsRNA genome encased in a multilayered capsid shell, which encodes twelve proteins including seven structural proteins (VP1-VP7), and five nonstructural proteins (NS80, NS38, NS31, NS26, and NS16). It has been suggested that the protein NS80 plays an important role in the viral replication cycle that is similar to that of its homologous protein μNS in the genus of Orthoreovirus. As a step to… CONTINUE READING


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