Functional hepatocyte culture and its application to cell therapies.

  title={Functional hepatocyte culture and its application to cell therapies.},
  author={Kimiaki Tanaka and Alejandro Soto-Guti{\'e}rrez and Nal{\'u} Navarro-Alvarez and Jorge David Rivas-Carrillo and Hee-Sook Jun and Naoya Kobayashi},
  journal={Cell transplantation},
  volume={15 10},
Since Berry and Friend developed methods to isolate hepatocytes from the liver by a collagenase digestion technique in 1969, studies in laboratory animals have demonstrated that hepatocyte transplantation could potentially be used for the treatment of liver failure and inborn errors of liver-based metabolism. Healthy human hepatocytes are an ideal source for hepatocyte transplantation; however, their relative scarcity is one of the major drawbacks, further compounded by the competing demands of… CONTINUE READING


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