Functional genomics and the biosynthesis of artemisinin.

  title={Functional genomics and the biosynthesis of artemisinin.},
  author={Patrick S. Covello and Keat H. Teoh and Devin R Polichuk and Darwin W. Reed and Goska Nowak},
  volume={68 14},
Artemisinin, a sesquiterpene lactone endoperoxide derived from the glandular secretory trichomes (GSTs) of Artemisia annua, provides the basis for the most effective treatments of malaria. The biology and biochemistry of GSTs of the Asteraceae and their biosynthesis of isoprenoids is reviewed. Recent efforts to understand the biosynthesis of artemisinin in A. annua GSTs are discussed in detail. This includes the development in the authors' laboratory of an expressed sequence tag (EST) approach… CONTINUE READING