Functional diversity in the intertidal macrobenthic community at sewage-affected shores from Southwestern Atlantic.

  title={Functional diversity in the intertidal macrobenthic community at sewage-affected shores from Southwestern Atlantic.},
  author={Elizabeth Noemi Llanos and Mar{\'i}a Andrea Saracho Bottero and Mar{\'i}a Lourdes Jaubet and Rodolfo El{\'i}as and Griselda Valeria Garaffo},
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Structural diagnosis of benthic invertebrate communities in relation to salinity gradient in Baltic coastal lake ecosystems using biological trait analysis
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Assessing functional diversity of macrobenthic assemblages in sewage-affected intertidal shores
Biological traits analysis and functional diversity indices, especially FRic that reveals differences in macrobenthic functional structure between impacted and reference sites during all seasons, represent an informative and useful tool to describe the different aspects of sewage impacts in benthic assemblages on rocky shores.
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