Functional delta residuals and applications to simultaneous confidence bands of moment based statistics

  title={Functional delta residuals and applications to simultaneous confidence bands of moment based statistics},
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Simultaneous confidence bands for derivatives of dependent functional data

Abstract: In this work, consistent estimators and simultaneous confidence bands for the derivatives of mean functions are proposed when curves are repeatedly recorded for each subject. The

Simultaneous confidence bands for functional data using the Gaussian Kinematic formula.

Simultaneous confidence bands for nonparametric regression with functional data

We consider nonparametric regression in the context of functional data, that is, when a random sample of functions is observed on a fine grid. We obtain a functional asymptotic normality result

Detecting relevant differences in the covariance operators of functional time series: a sup-norm approach

  • H. DetteK. Kokot
  • Mathematics
    Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
  • 2020
In this paper we propose statistical inference tools for the covariance operators of functional time series in the two sample and change point problem. In contrast to most of the literature the focus

Bio-equivalence tests in functional data by maximum deviation

We study the problem of testing equivalence of functional parameters, such as the mean or the variance function, in the two-sample functional data setting. In contrast to previous work where the

Simultaneous inference for the mean function based on dense functional data

A polynomial spline estimator is proposed for the mean function of dense functional data together with a simultaneous confidence band which is asymptotically correct, and the confidence band is extended to the difference of mean functions of two populations of functional data.

Simultaneous confidence bands for the mean of functional data

Application of SCB to one- and two-sample inferences are illustrated here with the R package SCBmeanfd, a flexible framework for conducting simultaneous inference on the mean function and other functional parameters.

Fast and Fair Simultaneous Confidence Bands for Functional Parameters.

This work represents a major leap forward in this area by presenting a new methodology for constructing simultaneous confidence bands for functional parameter estimates by integrating and extending tools from Random Field Theory.